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Terms of Use

Terms of Use



Chapter 1. General Provisions


Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Agreement is to determine the rights, obligations, and necessary matters between the company and the user in relation to the "HISPON" service provided by "METOON&NOVEL" (hereinafter referred to as "Company").


Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

1. The meanings of the terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.

① "Company" means a service provider.

② "User" means a person who has registered as a member by providing personal information to the company, who agrees to these terms and conditions and is entitled to use the services provided by the company.

③ "Creator" means a user who provides contents such as photos or videos on his or her fan page.

④ "Service" means "HISPON" online platform service provided by the company.

⑤ "Platform" means the company's and high-sponge applications.

⑥ "Store" means the ability for creators to upload goods (including content) directly within the service and for users to purchase the goods with money from the company.

⑦ "Paid Service" refers to a service that users can use after purchasing for a fee through payment methods provided by the company, such as coin purchase, regular subscribe, sponsorship, and product purchase.

⑧ "Content" means the overall service provided or sold on the platform, and means data or information expressed by signs, letters, voice, sound, images, or images used in the information and communication network.

⑨ "Subscribe" means a membership product in which users pay the payment amount in the form set by the company within the platform to regularly use the creator's contents.

⑩ "Coin" refers to a payment method that users purchase within the platform to present to creators or use content.

⑪ "Charging" means the act of converting cash into coins by means of payment provided by the company for users to use paid services.

⑫ "Settlement" means the act of converting the coin received by the creator into cash.

⑬ "Service Fee" means the price at which the company provides services to creators. Detailed subscribe content and fee rates are subject to separate service policies.

⑭ "Payment Fee" refers to the fee required by payment institutions such as PG companies in processing payments.

⑮ "Store Fee" means the fee that the company receives when goods are sold in the store. The fee policy is posted separately online.

⑯ "ASP Fee" means a separate fee provided to other platforms when store products and contents are sold through other platforms affiliated with HISPON as an Application Service Provider.

2. The terms used in these terms and conditions are in accordance with relevant laws and other general business practices, except as prescribed in Chapter 1, Article 2.


Article 3 (Interpretation and Application of Terms and Conditions)

1. The company may separately set the terms and conditions of use for individual services according to the specific contents of the services provided. In this case, the terms and conditions of use for individual services shall take precedence over these terms and conditions.

2. If the company and the creator enter into an individual contract, the contents of the contract shall take precedence over the terms of use of this service and the terms of use for individual services under the preceding paragraph.


Article 4 (Explanation, validity, and revision of the terms and conditions)

1. The company will post the contents of these terms and conditions on the service subscribe screen so that users can easily understand them.

2. The company complies with 「Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions」, 「Contents Industry Promotion Act」, 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (hereinafter “Information and Communications Network Act”)」, 「Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.」 , These Terms and Conditions may be amended to the extent that they do not violate related laws such as the 「Regulation of Similar Reception Act」.

3. If the terms and conditions are changed, the company shall determine the contents and enforcement date of the changed terms and conditions and notify them at least 7 days before the enforcement date.

4. If the user disagrees with the changed terms and conditions, the user may terminate the contract. If the user does not express his/her intention to refuse from the announcement date to the enforcement date of the preceding paragraph, he/she shall be deemed to have agreed to change these terms and conditions as of the enforcement date. If a user or creator who uses a paid service cancels because he or she does not agree to the amendment of the terms and conditions, he or she will follow the refund policy set by the company.



Chapter 2. Membership Registration and Withdrawal


Article 1 (Application for membership)

1. The user applies for membership by accurately filling out the membership information according to the subscribe form set by the company and expressing his/her consent to these terms and conditions.

2. The company may refuse (or withhold consent) the user's application for membership or restrict the use of some services in any of the following cases.

① If the e-mail address is the same as the user who has already subscribed.

② When an application is made using another person's name.

③Where the contents of the application for membership have been falsely stated, or there is a reasonable reason to suspect that it is so.

④ When an application is made for the purpose of hindering the well-being, order, or good manners of society.

⑤ If the requirements for application for use set by other companies are insufficient.

⑥ In case of insufficient service-related capacity.

⑦ In case there is a reason for failure in other services.


Article 2 (Conclusion of a contract for use)

1. The contract for use is established by the company's consent to the application for membership.

2. The time when the contract for use is established is when the company marks the completion of subscribe on the application process.


Article 3 (Giving and Managing User IDs)

1. The company provides users with an account with nicknames and unique identification characters.

2. The company performs user management tasks such as checking the status of minors through account information.

3. The company shall not be responsible for damage to the use of the service or illegal use by a third party caused by neglecting the user ID and password.


Article 4 (Change of Member Information)

1. Users can view or modify their information at any time through member information management.

2. If there is a change in the matters listed when applying for membership, the user must modify personal information online or notify the company of the change by e-mail or other means. The user is responsible for the disadvantages caused by not informing them.


Article 5 (Delegation of membership and loss of qualification)

1. Users can request the company to withdraw members at any time, and the company handles it in accordance with the regulations on withdrawal of members.

2. The company may restrict and suspend the user's qualification without prior notice if the user falls under any of the following reasons.

① Cases falling under Chapter 3, Article 7, Paragraph 1.

② Where the user fails to fulfill the obligations borne by the user in relation to the use of the company within the due date.

③ In the case of interfering with other people's use of the service or stealing the information.

④ In the case of using the company to prohibit the use of laws and regulations or the terms and conditions of this service or to act contrary to the customs of public order.

⑤ Where an application is made using another person's name or not his real name.

⑥ Where false information is written or information requested by the company is not written.

⑦ In the case where a member voluntarily terminates the use contract and applies for membership again during the use restriction period after receiving restrictions on the use of the service, such as suspension of use.

⑧ Where he/she has lost his/her membership in accordance with the restrictions on use, etc. under these terms and conditions;

⑨ Where it is difficult to accept the application for membership due to reasons of the company, such as technical or business obstacles.

⑩ If it is not a subject area (category) operated by the service at the time of application for creator registration.

⑪ If the company does not meet the criteria for approval of the company's participation in the subject field (category) of the relevant sales member at the time of applying for creator membership.

⑫ Where an application is filed in violation of all other matters, such as inability to approve due to reasons attributable to the applicant for membership or failure to submit essential documents or documents requested by the company.

⑬ Other cases where the company deems it necessary by reasonable judgment, such as violation of these terms and conditions, illegal or unfair application for use.



Chapter 3. Use of Services


Article 1 (Use of Services)

1. Users can use the service from the time the company approves the membership application. However, some services are available on a specified date or on a certain date.

2. The service is basically provided free of charge, but you have to pay to use the paid service.

3. In principle, the service is available 24 hours a day, 24/7. However, the company can temporarily suspend the service after prior notice if there are business or technical reasons, and if there is an unavoidable reason not to notify in advance, it can notify afterwards.

4. The company can divide the service into a certain range and set the available time for each range separately. In this case, it will be disclosed in advance.


Article 2 (Provision of information and publication of advertisements)

1. The company can provide users with various information deemed necessary while using the service through e-mail, letter mail, SMS (mobile phone text message), platform's own message, etc. If unwanted information is received, the user may refuse to receive it, but the company may also provide essential information related to the use of the service.

2. The company may post advertisements, etc. on its website, platform screen, e-mail, etc. in relation to the operation of the service.

3. The Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the user's participation in promotional activities with advertisers posted on the service or as a result of communication or transactions through the service.


Article 3 (Preparation and Management of Posts)

1. Users can create posts within the platform. All rights and responsibilities for a post created by the user belong to the user who posted it.

2. The company may delete the user's post without prior notice if it is deemed that the user's post falls under any of the following subparagraphs, and the company is not responsible for this.

① In the event of contrary to the terms of use of this service or the service operation policy.

② In the case of a commercial or illegal post.

③ Where a post deemed obscene or vulgar is posted in a place where a person who has not been certified as a 18+ can see it.

④ In the case of insulting or defaming others.

⑤ In the case of violation of public order and good customs.

⑥ Where it is deemed to be related to criminal acts.

⑦ In the case of infringement of copyright and other rights of a third party.

⑧ In the case of information that does not conform to the nature of the service.

⑨ In the event of violation of other relevant laws and regulations.

3. If a user's post has lost its effect as a post more than a certain period of time from the date of writing and the purpose of its existence is unclear, the company may delete the post after a week of notification by notice or e-mail on membership information.


Article 4 (Management of postings and temporary measures)

1. If a user's post, etc. includes contents that violate the internal operation policy, the company may take temporary measures such as suspension of posting, etc. at the request of the internal operation policy or the legitimate right holder (hereinafter referred to as the "applicant").

2. The person who wrote the post under the preceding paragraph (hereinafter referred to as the "publisher") may request the company to restore the post, etc. during the 30-day temporary measure period (hereinafter referred to as "re-publish request"). If there is no request for repost within the above period, the company may delete the post.

3. If the publisher and applicant agree, the company can request the deliberation of the temporary post from an external agency, and if there is no consent, the company decides whether to restore the post, etc.

4. The company will follow the company's decision within the temporary action period, and if there is no decision within the temporary action period, the posts will be restored after the expiration date of the temporary action.

5. If a third party takes civil or criminal legal action against the user or company on the basis of infringement of legal interests due to the user's posts, the company may temporarily restrict access to related posts, etc. until a final decision is made by the court.

6. The person who requests action against the posts, etc. shall bear the responsibility for the legal action regarding the restriction of access to posts, etc. and the court's final judgment.


Article 5 (The attribution and utilization of intellectual property rights)

1. All rights, including intellectual property rights, to the services provided by the Company to the users belong to the Company.

2. All rights, including copyrights on posts, comments, tags, contents, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "posts, etc.) created by users in the process of using the service belong to each user unless otherwise stated.

3. Users allow the company to use posts, etc. posted on the service for the following purposes at home and abroad.

① Reproduction, transmission, exhibition, and excellent posts within a service (including those provided within a platform or media area operated by a third party) are modified by converting or simplifying the size of the posts without changing the contents of the service screen.

② Reproducing, transmitting, or displaying posts in other services operated by the company. However, this is not the case if the user explicitly disagrees with reproduction, transmission, or exhibition.

③ To have media, telecommunications companies, etc. report and broadcast all or part of the posts for the purpose of promoting the company's services. In this case, the company does not provide member information to media, telecommunications companies, etc. without the individual consent of the user.

4. When a user posts a post on a service, it is deemed that other users have allowed the post to be used in the service or the company to use it as a search result.


Article 6 (Measures for Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights by Third Parties)

1. If a user is notified that a post, etc. posted on the platform violates a third party's intellectual property rights, the company may immediately delete the post, etc. from the platform or suspend the posting.

2. The intellectual property right holder shall notify the company in writing all of the following information when claiming infringement of his intellectual property rights.

① Electronic signature or substantial signature of the intellectual property right holder or his/her legal representative.

② Content claiming infringement.

③ Detailed description of the location of the platform where content claiming infringement was posted or used.

④ The address, phone number, and email address of the intellectual property holder or his legal representative.

⑤ A statement by the intellectual property holder or his legal representative that all information on the written notice claiming infringement is consistent with the facts and that he/she will be legally liable if it is found to be perjury.

3. If your posts, etc. are deleted or suspended due to negligence, the user shall notify the company in writing by stating all of the following information.

① Electronic signature or actual signature of the user.

② Detailed description of the location of the platform where deleted or inaccessible content was posted.

③ A statement that he believes his content has been deleted or inaccessible due to negligence, and a written statement that he will take legal responsibility if such a statement is found to be false.

④ User's name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

4. If a third party or user's notice in connection with this clause does not meet the requirements described above, the Company may consider the notice invalid and is not responsible for responding or responding to it.


Article 7 (Restriction on the use of services)

1. If the user's actions fall under any of the following, the company may restrict or suspend the use of the user's services.

① Hacking or other acts that interfere with the operation of services.

② Where the right to service is transferred or traded to a third party.

③ Where the payment method is forged, altered, stolen, or illegally acquired or used in service payment.

④ In the case of commercial activities such as posting advertisements or advertisements on nicknames or messages for an unspecified number of viewers.

⑤ When posting contents that insult or defame others on a nickname or message.

⑥ Where the contents of the information provided by the user are found to be false, or a reasonable reason to suspect that there is a falsehood occurs.

⑦ When it is confirmed that a user provides a service corresponding to a non-registration industry of a PG company or a credit card payment company or has paid for the service on a regular basis.

⑧ When writing content, comments, or posts that violate a separate service operation policy,

⑨ When attempting to capture screenshots within an application or website

2. In addition to the above provisions, if the user violates the contents of this Agreement, the service may be arbitrarily stopped, and the company may block the user's access if the use is restricted.


Article 8 (Termination of Service)

1. The company may terminate the service use contract without prior notice if the user interferes with the company's service by violating the terms and conditions of use or violates the intellectual property rights of a third party.

2. The company is not obligated to refund the coins held by the user upon termination of the use contract under the preceding paragraph, and is not responsible for compensation for any other damages suffered by the user.



Chapter 4. Use of Paid Services


Article 1 (Contents of Paid Services)

1. The contents, conditions, and usage fees of paid services are subject to the company's separate notice on the platform.

2. The company may change the contents, conditions, and usage fees of the paid service in the preceding paragraph at any time. However, the changes will not be applied retroactively to users who have already purchased paid services.


Article 2 (Posting contents by creators)

1. Creators can post content such as photos or videos on their fan pages within the platform.

2. Creators must set the contents such as not being available to minors when posting them. The company may arbitrarily change settings such as the unavailability of minors for creators' contents according to the operation policy.

3. If the content of the creator is deemed to violate the company's operating policy, the company may take measures such as deletion or suspension of posting.

4. The company can provide the content of the creator to the user for a fee according to the creator's.


Article 3 (Purchase of Paid Services)

1. Users apply for the purchase of paid services according to the following or similar procedures provided by the company.

① Search content creators and check content samples.

② View the list of regularly subscribed contents and select a purchase target.

③ View the list of store products and select a purchase target.

④ Click to enter and pay the user's name, email address, phone number (or mobile phone number), address, card number, etc.

⑤ Check the payment amount, select a payment method, and pay.

⑥ Reaffirmation of payment amount and payment.

2. Users can pay for paid services through payment methods provided by the company, such as credit card, PayPal, Appstore, Playstore, and InApp payment. However, if there is a separate business operator who operates each payment method, the user must perform the procedure presented by the business operator of the payment method before using the payment method.

3. When minors under the age of 19 use paid services using credit cards, mobile phone payments, real-time account transfers, or bankbook-free payment methods, they must obtain consent from their legal representatives. However, the company can grant a payment limit for each payment method according to the policy of the payment method operator or the government.

4. For consent to the payment of minors under the preceding paragraph, the legal representative may consent by mobile phone authentication according to the company's guidance, and after the consent of the legal representative is completed, the company notifies the legal representative of the payment consent and details.


Article 4 (Purchase of Coin)

1. Users can purchase coins on the platform. Users can use the purchased coins to purchase the contents provided by the company or to present them to creators.

2. The user may withdraw the subscribe for paid services and cancel the contract (hereinafter referred to as " subscribe withdrawal, etc.") within 7 days from the date of purchase of the coin.

3. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the subscribe cannot be withdrawn if the user has already used some of the coins he/she has purchased, or if he/she has received a certain discount or free coin gift when purchasing the coin.

4. The company will refund the money in the same way the user paid, and if the refund is not possible in the same way, the full refund will be made after confirming the identity of the payer.

5. The company pays the remaining amount to the user after deducting the payment fee and other expenses for the refund.


Article 5 (Regular subscribe of subscribe products)

1. Users can subscribe to subscription products at the price set by the company for the purpose of using the paid service provided by the company.

2. Users can change to subscription products at different prices at any time after regular subscribe of subscribe products. In this case, the payment will be made according to the following:

3. If you change to a subscribe product with a higher price than the previous one, you can use the new subscribe product after paying the difference from the new subscribe product within 7 days from the payment date. However, if it is after 7 days, payment and subscribe for new subscribe products will proceed without returning the existing payment amount.

4. If you change to a subscribe product with a lower price than the previous one, it will be maintained as an existing subscribe product, and payment and subscribe will proceed with a new subscribe product on the next renewal (payment) date.

5. Users can cancel their subscribe products at any time. However, regular subscribe for subscribe products will be canceled from the next month, and regular payments will not be charged to users from the following month (30 days based on the final payment date).

6. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the amount paid for the first time after regular subscribe of the subscribe product and the amount already paid before termination of the subscribe will not be refunded.

Article 6 (Store)

1. Creators can open their own stores and upload goods to sell within their stores.

2. The company may inspect the goods uploaded by the creator according to the preceding paragraph and sell them to the user.

3. If the goods uploaded by the creator pursuant to paragraph 1 violate the copyright of a third party, the company may immediately remove the goods from the store, and the creator shall be responsible for them, and the company shall not be responsible.

4. Users can purchase goods through credit cards in the store.

5. Users can withdraw their subscribe within 7 days of purchasing goods in the store. In this case, after returning the goods to the company, the user can receive the rest of the money after deducting the cost of the refund, such as shipping and payment fees.

6. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the goods are content and the user uses the content, the subscribe withdrawal, etc. cannot be made within the period referred to in the preceding paragraph.


Article 7 (Refusal of approval for paid services)

1. The company may refuse approval or revoke approval for any of the following applications for the use of paid services.

① If essential items are omitted or incorrect, or essential procedures are insufficient.

② If the user does not pay the usage fee or the payer cannot be identified.

③ Where a minor under the age of 19 applies without the consent of a legal representative.

④ When the payment amount is paid by unauthorized theft of the payment method without the consent or consent of the name holder.

⑤ If it is deemed that satisfactory service cannot be provided due to insufficient service facilities.

⑥ In the event of a service failure.

⑦ Other cases where approval is deemed impossible due to reasons attributable to the user.

2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the company does not return the user's payment.



Chapter 5. Settlement


Article 1 (Fee)

1. The company can change store and platform fees at any time. However, the changed fee will be applied from the payment the day after the change.

2. If there is a separate contract for platform fee rate or fee rate discount, such as a partner contract, the platform fee rate and discount rate of the contract will be applied first.


Article 2 (Application for settlement of creator)

1. Creators can apply for settlement of their coins, subscribe fees for subscribe products, and store sales at any time. If the creator has not applied for the settlement, the company will suspend the settlement.

2. When applying for settlement, the creator must send the data requested by the company to the payment agency or the company, such as an ID card (or business registration card), a copy of the bankbook, and a mobile phone number for issuing a cash receipt. In this case, the name indicated on the ID card (or business registration card) and the name of the account must match, and the Korean people can withdraw the settlement money only from the account of the Bank of Korea. However, in foreign countries, you can withdraw the settlement money through a bank account with swiftcode or PayPal.

3. The period subject to settlement will be determined as the amount that can be applied after the following month + 5 days. (Ex. January total sales > March 5th applicable amount > Profit application).

4. If there is a previous application amount, you can reapply after the settlement amount is paid. If the settlement period must be set differently depending on the circumstances of the payment agency, follow the policies of the company and payment agency.

5. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the company may suspend the settlement and add up to the following settlement amount if the amount to be settled by the creator is less than the predetermined amount set by the company.

6. If the creator is under the age of 14, a 18+ guardian, a limited guardian, or a petite guardian, you can apply for settlement with the consent of the legal representative or guardian according to the method designated and guided by the company.


Article 3 (Accounting method for creators)

1. The company transfers the rest of the payment after deducting platform fees, store fees, payment fees, and other taxes from the user's payment amount (excluding VAT) to the account designated by the creator on the payment date.

2. On the payment date of the preceding paragraph, the applicable amount will be deposited from Monday to Sunday on Thursday next week after the application. However, if the payment date is a holiday, the payment date will be the next business day.

3. If the creator is on military service, the settlement may be limited during the military service period if requested separately by the Military Manpower Administration.

4. The company may limit or cancel the settlement of the creator without prior notice if it is suspected that the creator's coin, sales price, etc. have been obtained by illegal means. You can also refuse to pay the settlement amount or recover the previously paid settlement amount until the creator's calling is recognized.

5. The company can change the settlement method at any time after notifying the creator in advance.

6. If the creator raises an objection to the settlement amount, the company and the creator can agree on the settlement amount after mutual consultation. If the agreement is delayed, the company may perform the settlement based on the smallest amount of settlement claimed by the company and the creator. In this case, the company shall be exempted from the liability for delay in the full settlement amount until the agreement is reached.

7. If a refund occurs after the creator receives the settlement amount, the company may deduct the refund amount from the creator's settlement amount thereafter. At this time, the specific settlement procedures and amounts are subject to the announced standards within the platform.

8. The creator is responsible for tax return and tax payment for all income on the service.

9. Coins are 1 cent per coin. However, coins discounted when charging, promotional free coins, etc. are not included in the settlement.


Article 4 (Exemption Clause)

1. If the company cannot provide services due to natural disasters, wars, or other force majeure, the company will be exempted from responsibility for providing services.

2. The company shall be exempted from liability in the event of damage caused by a key telecommunication service provider's suspension or failure to provide telecommunication services normally.

3. The company is exempted from liability for damages caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities.

4. The company may modify, change, and discontinue the service temporarily.

5. The Company shall not bear any responsibility to the user or any third party for the above modifications, changes, or discontinuities.

6. The company shall not bear any responsibility for disputes between users or between users and third parties, and shall not bear any responsibility for the profits expected by users in relation to the use of the service.

7. The Company shall not be liable for any kind of loss or damage caused by the use of information posted on the service by the user or other related agencies.



Chapter 6. Rights and Obligations


Article 1 (Company's Rights)

1. Intellectual property rights and other rights relating to the services provided by the Company, the software required for it, images, marks, logos, designs, service names, information and trademarks, etc. are in the Company's possession.

2. Except as expressly approved by the company, the user shall not modify, lend, lend, sell, distribute, produce, transfer, re-license, establish security rights, or commercial use of all or part of each property prescribed in paragraph 1, and shall not allow a third party to do such an act.


Article 2 (Obligations of Users)

1. Users shall not engage in any of the following acts when using the service.

① Stealing another user's account or payment information of another person.

② Transferring the user's account to another person.

③ Pretending to be the manager of the company.

④ Interrupting the operation of the service by writing false information while using the service.

⑤ Reproducing or transmitting information or content obtained in the course of using the service without the prior consent of the company, or using it for purposes other than these terms and conditions or commercially.

⑥ Broadcasting or posting content containing fraudulent, obscene, speculative, hateful messages or voices.

⑦ Acts that interfere with the normal use of services by other users, such as defamation, insult, cyberbullying, stalking, and violent acts.

⑧ Infringement of the company or other rights of a third party, such as intellectual property rights and portrait rights.

⑨ Collecting, storing, distributing, and using other people's personal information without consent.

⑩ Obstructing the company's service operation by manipulating data in an unusual way.

⑪ Transmission, posting, distribution, and use of data containing software viruses, other computer codes, files, and programs designed to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, and telecommunications equipment.

⑫ Changing the service through server hacking, data leakage, bugs, etc. or using the service in a way that is not determined by the company.

⑬ Using services for the purpose of financing cash(card, item, etc.).

⑭ Violation of relevant laws and regulations, terms and conditions of use of this service, service operation policies, and notices.

⑮ Violating other public order and customs, or acting in an illegal or unjust manner.

2. When a user finds a user suspected of violating any of the subparagraphs of the preceding paragraph, he/she shall receive a report through e-mail, reporting, etc.


Article 3 (Obligation of Creator)

1. A creator shall not engage in any of the following acts in addition to each subparagraph of Chapter 6, Article 2, Paragraph 1.

① Suggesting the sale of content or receiving money from users without service

② The act of receiving or inducing payment for the purpose of returning the payment after settlement to the user who has paid the payment (card, item, etc.)

③ Selling goods that infringe on the rights of others at the store.

④ In the case of receiving or inducing payment through other methods including reasons for illegality under the current laws and regulations.

2. If the creator violates paragraph 1, the company may take the following measures.

① Cancellation of all transactions arising from the grounds of the preceding paragraph.

② Regardless of the settlement provisions of this contract, the payment of the settlement amount is indefinitely suspended.

③ Civil and criminal legal measures such as claims for damages to the creator in the event of damage to the company.


Article 4 (Prohibition of Unauthorized Use)

1. Users shall not engage in any of the following fraudulent activities:

① Selling, lending, and transferring services provided by the company, such as one's own ID and subscribe, to others, and advertising them.

② When using the service, running a replication program, capturing or recording a screen,

③ Any action that disables content security Digital Rights Management (DRM).

④ Any act of illegally using content without a legitimate contract between the company and the user through payment.

⑤ Other activities in which the user uses the service beyond the original method or purpose.


Article 5 (Protection of Personal Information)

1. The company uses the user's information related to the service only for the purpose of providing the service under this use contract and shall not divulge or distribute it to third parties without his/her prior consent. However, this is not the case in the following cases.

① Where necessary for the settlement of fees for the provision of services.

② Where a specific individual is processed and provided in an unrecognizable form as necessary for statistical preparation, academic research, or market research.

③ Where there are special provisions in related laws, such as the Financial Real Name Transaction and Confidentiality Act, the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Local Tax Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Bank of Korea Act, and the Criminal Procedure Act.④ Where there is a request from the relevant institution for investigative purposes under laws and regulations.

④ Where there is a request from the relevant agency for investigative purposes under the relevant laws and regulations.

⑤ When requested by the Information and Communication Ethics Committee,

⑥ Where there is a request in accordance with the procedures prescribed by other relevant laws and regulations.

2. If there is a customer's objection regarding payment or a request from a payment agency due to a similar issue, the company may check with the relevant agency whether the user is paying within the scope necessary for solving the problem.


Article 6 (Notification to Users)

1. If the company notifies you, you can make a pre-specified e-mail address, message, or phone call with the company.

2. If there is a customer's objection regarding payment or a request from a payment agency due to a similar issue, the company may check with the relevant agency whether the user is paying within the scope necessary for solving the problem.

3. The company can send non-promotional information such as posts and comments to users through KakaoTalk notification messages or general text messages (multiple messages).



Chapter 7. Other


Article 1 (Compensation for damages)

1. The company shall not be responsible for any damage to the user in connection with the service provided free of charge.


Article 2 (Dispute Resolution)

1. The company prepares and implements damage compensation procedures to reflect legitimate opinions or complaints raised by users and compensate for the damage.

2. The company handles complaints and opinions submitted by users quickly. However, if it is difficult to process quickly, the reason and the processing schedule are immediately notified to the user.


Article 3 (Compliance Act and Jurisdiction)

The laws of the Republic of Korea apply to the interpretation of these terms and conditions and disputes between users.

The Seoul Central District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes between the company and the user in connection with these terms and conditions.


Supplementary Provisions

These Terms and Conditions shall apply from January 1, 2023.